Introducing Recessed Waste


Zomodo Boutique sinkware all have a uniquely designed waste kit area, using a specially crafted tool, Q sinkware have a deeper recessed waste kit, this enables the Q waste kit cover to sit flush with the bottom of the sink bowl. Creating a stylish streamlined surface.

The waste kit cover does not seal the waste hole, it still allows water to run around the edges, and also allows small food particles to flow with the water, which will the be caught in the waste basket underneath the cover. This innovative designs, means you do not need to see a dirty waste basket, instead you’ll see cleverly designed sink waste kit & cover system.

Zomodo Cayman Q Sinkware-4Zomodo Boutique Waste Kit-2Zomodo Boutique Waste Kit-3Zomodo Boutique Waste Kit-1



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